We provide Packaging, Filling and Dispensing solutions for Adhesives, Sealants, Epoxies, Lubricants, or any high viscous fluids etc.

We source the related products for packaging, filling and dispensing from local and global manufacturers of the same and provide the complete product range under one roof.

Packaging & Filling solutions: - are mainly for manufacturers and re-packers. There are some standard packaging products shown on this site and we can also source custom made packaging products for exclusive supply as per your requirements.

We can give filling solutions for cartridges/collapsible tubes/sausages/containers/bottles as per your requirements.

Dispensing solutions: - are for the users of adhesives/sealants/epoxies/lubricants or any other fluids for different applications in different industries. With our expertise and vast choice of dispensing products, we meet your demands for cost effective, accurate, fast, repeatable, flexible, safe and clean application systems against the traditional fluid application systems. Our dispensing systems are user friendly and cover a wide range of viscosities.

Dispensing systems are used in Industries like electrical, electronics, telecommunication, optical fiber, automation, civil, aviation, jewelry, acoustic, medical instruments, sports and toys, construction etc. and also for household purposes.

We are the authorized distributors of SULZER MIXPAC – Switzerland for their products – Dual Cartridges, Dispensers, Static Mixers and Meter Mix Dispensing Machines (DX System)